21 Giant Dogs Who Think They Are Small Dogs

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Big dogs are the best dogs. Here are 21 giant dogs who don't know they're giants.

1. Hugs Not Drugs

Hugs Not Drugs
Big dogs need love too.

2. Snack Sniffer

Snack Sniffer
You just THOUGHT the treats were safe on top of the fridge. Silly hooman.

3. Give Me a Lift

Give Me a Lift
Instead of not knowing he's a giant, this dog doesn't seem to know he's not a step stool. (Don't try this at home, people. Please.)

4. Thirsty?

Psh! The toilet is for little dogs.

5. Patio Partier

Patio Partier
If the hooman gets to sit down during the patio party, so does the dog, right? Right.

6. Dance Partner

Dance Partner
This dog just needs a hug and a slow dance.

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I think some of these pictures have been photo-shopped. The proportions don't fit on some of the pics. But beautiful dogs though. I like the black wolf looking dog.

@ Eddie

#12 especially.


Serious hunds.


The owners have to have sturdy furniture.


OMG..that st bernard is Hugh ..and he is still a pup..WOW///Great Dane is also Hugh..i would hate to feed n pick up after him..he almost looks tooooooooo big>? like they blew up the picture..,,,yikes!...# 17///All soooooooo big and hairy..


Is dog 11 a wolfdog. Gorgeous animal.


# 14 is NOT a husky... it's an Alaskan Malamute... a different breed of dog...

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