21 Drool-Worthy David Beckham Underwear Photos

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19. Nearly Naked David Beckham

Nearly Naked David Beckham
David Beckham makes the ladies swoon in this Armani advertisement. The soccer star is the company's latest, HOT model.

20. David Beckham... in Underwear!

David Beckham... in Underwear!
What else can even be said about this David Beckham photo? The man is posing for Emporio Armani Underwear - and doing a tremendous job of it.

21. David Beckham Underwear Photo

David Beckham Underwear Photo
David Beckham's junk is on display as he films an underwear ad for Armani. What a stud. Bet his bank account has a nice bulge going on after this ad campaign. Eh? Eh?

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