21 Best Tamra Barney Quotes

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The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney has given us so many great lines through the years. Here's a look back.

1. Why would you trust a chick ...

Why would you trust a chick ...
... with boobs bigger than her brain?

2. F--k You! Get the F--k Out!

F--k You! Get the F--k Out!
Sums it up right there.

3. Done.

One word says it all.

4. I Got the Ring, Bitches!

I Got the Ring, Bitches!
Third time's the charm.

5. I Deserve It

I Deserve It
You totally do, Tamra Barney Judge. Whatever IT is.

6. Wines By Wives

Wines By Wives
BECAUSE WINE!! All the wine for the housewives all the time!

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yes, I heard eddie's vulgar comment & they must have heard it too they just chose to pick on Shannon's husband's comment that was the truth & not vulgar at all for instructions how to get on a horse,the snob twins terry & heather are classless!!! they just wanted to go after Shannon's husband because they hate a threat & a threat to them is anyone that has more money.give them the heeve ho


I love Tamra! I think she is just misunderstood.

@ Liz

Misunderstood? Tamballs isn't a five-year old, even though she acts like it.


Maybe now Tamra can focus on getting custody of her kids back. She has turned into a real basket case!

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