B bennington

Looks like kid pictures to me.


Those pics don't bother me .... When I was that age I did the same thing ... My mother has pics of me on a porch swing with a beenie,scarf and gloves and naked as the day I was born my poor mom couldn't keep my clothes on but that's what's wrong with ppl nowadays what happen to those cute pics of you as a baby ? Or the ones your mom pulled out to show everyone and your naked in the bathtub with your baby friend? Such a shame.... Just like you can't spankbyour kids so we have kids so disrespectful now... I'm 29 my father was abusive as hell visits with him were nightmares and I thank my mother for saving me from that but if you look at those pics? That kid looks happy , well fed and will grow up knowing beauty. It's sad to me how judgmental ppl are now and they wonder why the world is the way it is to say these pics are like the ones where a child is abused.... I've seen those kind, lived those kind and trust me there very different maybe this is one of those cases where you should mind your own bis and keep nasty words to your self. Listen to some of those comments! This is a innocent child whose done nothing wrong and some are slighting HER.... Dooming HER to a nasty world. Why cuz they don't like something? That doesn't show anything wrong with her it shows something wrong with you.

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