Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is 45! Contrary to reports, she is not becoming a mom in her mid-40s. Probably.
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Whats the big deal? Most of them look their age. What in the lord's name would they look like without their make-up 'artists' and air brushing?


Seriously wondering why this site is being such a butt kisser! Of you work in skin the ages were obvious. There were only 3 that I got wrong and that was Stefani, the girl who exfoliates and uses wheat germ, and a girl they were talking about playing a cheerleader. The rest truly look there ages especially Demi, Jennifer, Tom C, that comedian guy hanks I think who has Not aged well, and Brad Pitt.


Why don't they show these celebrities without makeup. Anybody would look younger than their age if they were transformed by a makeup artist.