The Giudices vs. The Gorgas
All hell broke loose - at a Christening, ironically - when Teresa Giudice and her brother got into it over a whole host of long-simmering issues. Soon enough, their cousins, parents and friends alike where also getting in on the chaos.

Bring tamera Barney back, vanguish Lizzie, get rid of Lizzie, I will stop watching the OC housewives, if, tameras gone and Lizzie stays, this season was THE worst out of all the housewives franchise, so boring, and bad writing this year or bad direction from production, coupled with bad editing and horrible cast. I get that opposites attract, and putting different personalities together, is good tv, but not in this cast

Jackle sanders

Team Porsha! I wish Kenya Moore would fade away into oblivion.

Jackle sanders

I loved Jeana! The only one on the show with any manners, taste and common sense. Would have loved to see her stay, but she's smarter than that!!

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