23 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names

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19. Bronx Mowgli

Bronx Mowgli
Bronix Mowgli, the son of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, is named after a borough of New York City AND a Jungle Book protagonist.

20. Maxwell Drew Johnson

Maxwell Drew Johnson
Jessica Simpson named her little daughter Maxwell. Perhaps she is trying to overcompensate for giving her an old man's name by putting her in this bikini.

21. Banjo

Banjo, the son of Rachel Griffiths and Andrew Taylor, is not only named after a musical instrument, but probably the most absurd one to name a kid after you could think of. With the possible exception of oboe.

22. Diezel

Toni Braxton named her son Diezel. Either she botched the spelling of Denzel or she's a really big fan of efficient but dirty fossil fuels.

23. Sam Worthington Photo

Sam Worthington Photo
Sam Worthington smirks it up in this photograph. He named his first son Rocket. Seriously!

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