29 Hottest Ariana Grande Photos Ever

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7. Car Wash Cutie

Car Wash Cutie
What you wouldn't give for a hose.

8. Go Seahawks!

Go Seahawks!
Ariana Grande is a Seattle Seahawks fan. And this photo makes it clear why so many men are fans of Ariana Grande.

9. Ariana Grande No Makeup

Ariana Grande No Makeup
There aren't too many no makeup pics of Ariana Grande out there. Which just makes the few that exist all the more special.

10. Ariana Grande Wallpaper

Ariana Grande Wallpaper
Ariana Grande is a cutie. Look at that face ... and those buns.

11. Ariana Grande Problem Cover

Ariana Grande Problem Cover
The cover for Ariana's new single. You don't need to love the song to be a fan of this photo.

12. Ariana Grande Seattle Jersey

Ariana Grande Seattle Jersey
Ariana Grande rocks a Seattle jersey before singing the National Anthem. Goodness.

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Its all fun and games til fans are told to f****** die lol. Fools will still buy her ish tho. Rihanna still has supporters and she is down right hateful to her fans so its all good

@ Aisha

Preach girl friend


are 10 & 20 both supposed to be no makeup? she looks like sh*t in 10.


those jeans are just a yeast infection waiting to happen. I'm fairly certain she's no stranger to infections in her hoo hah tho.


I know she is 21....but I always feel guilty and dirty when I look at one of her pictures where she is posing seductively

Jezzel davies

She is very cute! I love her voice and her character on Victorious. She is such a talent. I can't wait to see her in movies.

@ Jezzel Davies

That voice is annoying. Can't understand a damn thing the girl screeches about. Every time her song comes on the air I turn the channel. And that Nick show? I have to turn the channel even if the kids are watching.


hey girl


ariana grande u are so perrty u are4 so cool

@ janette


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