17 Craziest Moments from the MTV Video Music Awards

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It's almost time for the VMAs again!

Will another artist announce she's pregnant? Will Miley Cyrus hump another grown man? Will Kanye West interrupt another speech?

Check out the 17 craziest moments from the Video Music Awards over the past 30 years and prepare for whatever will go down on stage and off this summer.

1. Like a Virgin

Like a Virgin
Madonna didn't intend to writhe around on the stage during her 1984 performance of "Like a Virgin." She lost one of her shoes and the rest became history.

2. Howard's Johnson

Howard's Johnson
In 1992, shock jock Howard Stern appeared on stage dressed as his alter ego Fartman, complete with a huge prosthetic Johnson and bare backside.

3. Nirvana's Surprise Performance

Nirvana's Surprise Performance
Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain never really settled into the limelight like his bass guitarist bandmate Krist Novoselic who guzzled champagne before they shocked the world by playing "Rape Me" unexpectedly during their performance. Krist threw his guitar into the air and instead of catching it with his hands caught it with his face.

4. Beasties Vs. R.E.M

Beasties Vs. R.E.M
When R.E.M. won an award the Beastie Boys believed should have been theirs, they busted into Michael Stipe's acceptance speech with "THIS IS A FARCE!" Nice going, guys.

5. Van Halen Reunites

Van Halen Reunites
When Van Halen reunited on the stage in 1996, the world rejoiced! The band was back together! And then the balloon deflated when Eddie Van Halen's body language told the real story: These guys hated each other.

6. The Poison Apple

The Poison Apple
Fiona Apple won a best new artist award in 1997 and promptly bit the hand that fed her. The then-20 year old called the entire industry "bullsh*t."

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