15 Most Absurd Breakup Letters Ever

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The 15 most absurd breakup letters ever are ... well, they're pretty absurd. See for yourself here.

1. You'll Be Okay

You'll Be Okay
With your hot body you'll find another hot chick ... this breakup just makes sense.

2. Why I'm Dumping You

Why I'm Dumping You
Let me count the reasons. The many, MANY reasons.

3. Sarah Palin is Extremely Qualified!?

Sarah Palin is Extremely Qualified!?
Sarah Palin may not have been elected Vice President in 2008, but at least she helped this couple realize they were not meant to be.

4. Here's a Giraffe

Here's a Giraffe
When words won't do justice ...

5. Flattery FTW?

Flattery FTW?
You are like sunshine in the rain ... but we're done.


We're over. 4 real or for real, however you want to put it.

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