27 Hilariously Inappropriate License Plates

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7. You're In The Way

You're In The Way
Does it sound more or less polite when said with a Russian accent?

8. MOVE!

"Move, b*tch, get out the way! Get out the way, b*tch! Get out the way!" is blaring from the speakers.

9. Big Cocks

Big Cocks
Hmmm....with a license plate like this one, we're going with "overcompensating didn't fit on the plate."

10. Vaginas

Fist bumps to this driver for the clever use of the Virginia logo!

11. Tittie!

10 points for another clever use of a college plate, though we're not sure how either of these were deemed acceptable.

12. Viagra

Hmmm..."viagra" on the back of a Corvette. Can you say mid-life crisis?

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