21 Worst Kim Kardashian Photos of All Time!

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7. Terrible Looking Kim Kardashian

Terrible Looking Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian looks totally thrilled to be photographed here, doesn't she? She's also wearing too many layers of clothing.

8. Kim Kardashian Boob Leak

Kim Kardashian Boob Leak
Kim Kardashian lactates on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Such a wonderful boob leak captured on television.

9. Kry it Out Kim

Kry it Out Kim
Seriously. Just let all the feels kome to the surfacae.

10. Kim Kardashian as an Owl

Kim Kardashian as an Owl
Kim looks an awful lot like this owl. So even though her hair is insanely unnatural, at least she was inspired by nature!

11. Kim Weeping

Kim Weeping
Kim kries a good deal on KUWTK.

12. Kim Kardashian Facial Pic

Kim Kardashian Facial Pic
It's a vampire facial for Kim Kardashian! That's how this reality star describes this week.

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She looks like a damn velociraptor when crying

@ sweeeeetey .

Ha-ha, so funny.


she is not ugly, she is normal fgs. The only problem is that she considers herself flawless and spotless,while she actually has the "problems" that any woman has. she is beautiful anyway-but less makeup and "fakeness" would help, she s kinda plastic lol

@ anything

Take her makeup off and she looks like an Armenian......if she did not have surgery she would have had the funny mouth...big nose,..dark features...and would be invisible in a crowd...


I agree katie, she is fine as hell...folks are just hating. Even without the "booty".

Hiho remy
@ True Grit

The booty? You mean this one?

@ ImOpining

ha ha... so funny


these are human pictures................


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Kim is OK, it is Ray J who isn't a very good performer.


Kim Kardashian doesn't take any bad pictures she is flawless. I wish I had that!

@ katiecutiexox

you just don t have the money to be flawless! she has paid plenty to be so......she has more plastic in her the a Mattel Barbie Doll! be serious.....get a new role model!

@ katiecutiexox

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@ katiecutiexox

Since when is fat, flabby, and hairy "flawless"? Are you high?


So what? Is evey woman who lactates ugly then?

@ Dee

Of course not. Lactation is perfectly natural - unlike ANY Kardashian!

@ Dee


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