A story is only as good as its villain. Check out the 13 scariest Disney villains EVER. They are the things of nightmares.


Ummm I don't recall anyone named Jake in PETER Pan? Or guinea pigs in Alice in Wonderland?? I do remember hedge hogs though...

@ Jenn

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a new TV show for kids on Disney. And I think they accidently said hedgehogs instead of guinea pigs. Or they thought they were guinea pigs.


What about the horned king, captain barboza, davy jones, the super computer from tron, syndrome,or oogie boogie? Those were some of the most brutal villians out their but nooooooooooooo the chick from Tangled made it on this list.


What about Frollo? From Hunchback? He burned an ENTIRE CITY just because he was lusting after one girl, and he was a priest to boot. That's terrifying if you ask me...

@ Annie

Out of all of them he's the only one that ever freaked me out.

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