Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic
Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.
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Well... let's just buy them all long sleeve turtle necks, maxi skirts, knee high boots, gloves, and a hat. Seriously... not one of those pictures was inappropriate. God forbid a section of their skin shows while wearing shorts, and they opt out of wearing grandma one piece bathing suits. This site is hilarious, get a grip.


Boob jobs already. Might as well start being fake now. That's the future.


Yes, Im not perfect, thats true! Neider are these youngsters. I understand what your saying, but they should dress their age, not like a grown up woman, cause she is noy yet. And, when you post pic like this its a crave for attetion. Isnt this girl a model? Shouldnt she be a little conserned about career? You can be overexposed, you know! I think the pic with the dress is "trashy" cause shes trying to be something she is not..yet. A fullgrown sexy woman who can wear this with class! She is 16!!!


Not appropiate for any 16 years old this dress Kylie is wearing here. It makes her look trashy, not because of the dress. Just that its for a woam, not a youth I would say. Dont matter the price! And, are they not afraid putting out pic as this?! Theres a lots of sick people in the world. But, I guess the "security guys" take care of them... If it was my daughter.. No way!


Dude these are girls are way too young to be dressing like their in their 20's!!! lol whoever thinks this is ok mujst have some kind of lil girl fetish because I would not want my younger sisters looking like this all over the internet..... sorry.


I just say lol to this because then girls literally did nothing wrong lol Go to a beach im sure your all much more slutter bathing suits ;) Why dont you go stalk them girls. Have a good day :)


at least 1 kardashian fits


How does she not realize that she looks horrible. The family is so pathetic. They have sold their souls for money. Kendall is not even pretty without a ton of makeup on. Well not of them are. Kim was once but now with all her plastic surgery procedures she doesn't even look Armenian. Just another plastic bimbo HO.


I bet if you guys had a body like Kendall's you would show it off too...... I know I would


AND THEY ARE MODELS!!!!! You're to model what you are given. No one should freakin' care!