Who cares that Kylie Jenner is a teenager? Not Kylie Jenner, that's for sure, or her sister Kendall Jenner! Check out these revealing Instagram photos of the young stars now!

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i really dont understand the hate that you people post in these comments. Kendall Jenner is an adult. she is 18 years old. any other adult wearing a bikini would get no comment but bc her sister has a sex tape and her family isnt the most loved in america, she gets hate. yes, kylie may dress a little old for her age, but her body is flawless. maybe thats why you people are so jealous? i dont know, but what i do know is the Kards/Jenners arent paying your bills and quite honestly, couldnt care less about your feelings towards them. if you were in their shoes, half of you, if not all, would feel some type of way if you heard all these rude comments about you. just chill out.


Why do some people hate on other people. The Jenner family seems to get some of you in an uproar. Live your life and leave them alone. I think you are just hating on them. If you had the money you probably would have some work done on you too. Haters!




and Kris is worried about Bruce??????


ho ho ho


No way! That's LaToya Jackson!!!


She's trash just like her mother & siblings.


I think the girls are "playing" in Kim's closet bc some of the clothes look like what Kim has been sporting design wise Kanye has absolutely the most terrible taste in clothing. The designs are just plain nasty - nasty girl...


Kendall is a model therefore " she haves the right to get naked " since she was I don't know 15 or 16 and be considered art
But if Kylie does it she's a perverted young lady
They are young and have the right to live a little and if the have it why not show it in a decent way but you're comparing ages to make one (Kylie) look bad


Why post these pics of them or anyone what the.fuck is the worlds problem mind your fucking business and go home to your dumbass kids quit worrying about others kids and what the fuck theyre.doing with their life .

@ Angela

you're a real charmer