Who cares that Kylie Jenner is a teenager? Not Kylie Jenner, that's for sure, or her sister Kendall Jenner! Check out these revealing Instagram photos of the young stars now!


Honestly, people should leave them alone. Have you seen facebook or instagram lately? They're doing nothing that many, many other girls their age (and even younger) do. Do I think it's right? No, I do not. But people need to chill out about them.


Whats the big deal?? These girls are models and this is the main way they make a living. They are celebrities and are going to have many racey shots. Its not like they are posing for playboy. If you really want a story, look at the true inappropriate photos and videos of girls younger than 14 twerking and in their bikinis or underwear. That is what really needs to be pointed out and talked about!




Omfg so Kylie is only 16! They said that on practically EVERY photo. I guess they think we're stupid and can't read.


Never seen a 16 year old posting in a bikini.Get OuT.


Mom is to blame for all these inappropriate pixs. She is not showing moral values. All they are interested is in money and scandal


Ok so im at number 22 and all j have seen are naked or racy pictures of Kendal (and her boobs). No that isn't appropriate for her to do. I think she tries to hard to be like Kim and that's where she's going wrong. With Kylie I've only seen bikini pictures, which people(women I should say) naturally. I think people need to lay of kylie she hasn't done anything. But Kendal sweet heart you don't need to be kim.

@ becky

And I'm 16 so.... don't be mean to me


Well... let's just buy them all long sleeve turtle necks, maxi skirts, knee high boots, gloves, and a hat. Seriously... not one of those pictures was inappropriate. God forbid a section of their skin shows while wearing shorts, and they opt out of wearing grandma one piece bathing suits. This site is hilarious, get a grip.


Boob jobs already. Might as well start being fake now. That's the future.


Yes, Im not perfect, thats true! Neider are these youngsters. I understand what your saying, but they should dress their age, not like a grown up woman, cause she is noy yet. And, when you post pic like this its a crave for attetion. Isnt this girl a model? Shouldnt she be a little conserned about career? You can be overexposed, you know! I think the pic with the dress is "trashy" cause shes trying to be something she is not..yet. A fullgrown sexy woman who can wear this with class! She is 16!!!

@ Viking woman

No, she is an adult and has been for some time now. Why would she be concerned about her career when over half of these pictures are her professional modelling shots? I think you're the only one here who is over exposed as it's certainly "neider" of these young ladies...

@ Annoyed

OOOO!!! Way to make a comeback by pointing out spelling errors =/ Super-mature and really helps drive your point home (sarcasm, of course!!). FYI, if you're going to do that, you should proof read you're own work. Modeling only has one "L" in it and "overexposed" is one word. Just saying... But at least (you think) you told her. Snap!! (sarcasm again, in case you missed it)

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