43 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Photos

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37. Jennifer Hudson Bikini Pics

Jennifer Hudson Bikini Pics
Flaunt it, Jennifer Hudson! The singer shows off her bikini body in this photos.

38. Nicki Minaj Bikini Pic

Nicki Minaj Bikini Pic
Nicki Minaj is back in a bikini. The singer is never exactly shy when it comes to her body.

39. Teresa and Joe Giudice on the Beach

Teresa and Joe Giudice on the Beach
Teresa and Joe Giudice pose here on the beach. They don't seem to care much about their pending legal problems, do they?

40. Kim Zolciak Bikini Image

Kim Zolciak Bikini Image
Kim Zolciak has given birth to six kids. That's hard to believe when you see this bikini photo.

41. Tara Reid in a Bikini

Tara Reid in a Bikini
Would you hit this, fellas? Tara Reid has posted new bikini photo to Instagram.

42. Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Body

Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Body
Well done, Nicole Scherzinger bikini body! The singer shows off her svelte figure in this photo.

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