I stand on principle where many people stand on money.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. People are being so mean. People don't realize that it's damaging to one's psyche. For women, it's hard enough to be accepted for how you are. She's a beautiful girl.

Paula Abdul [on Jessica Simpson weight gain]

You are... delivering unbelievable songs with integrity and originality.

Paula Abdul [to David Cook]

He's like a pair of old pajamas that you know feel good.

Paula Abdul [on Jason Castro]

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

The producers come up to us in the dark and said, 'We are not going to have you guys judge after each performer, we are going to have all the performers go once, then twice and at the end critique them.'

Paula Abdul [on her mistake of judging an American Idol performance that hadn't taken place]
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