You know what I say, if a relationship can't work out, make a record.

Maybe he'll be my best friend for the rest of my life or maybe I'll end up marrying Nick Jonas!

I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It's what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people.

Chace Crawford is pretty cute. Not really a crush. I just think he's good looking.

He's a singer, he's really cute and he's nice. He's a Christian and I really like that.

Miley Cyrus [on Justin Gaston]

I really understand what this is business is all about.

It's important at Christmastime to be daring - to put your cell phone and your computer away and actually be with your family and not just be worrying about other things that you can deal with every other day.

I love [Demi Lovato] and she always is there for me. She is one of my bestest friends.

Growing up is important, and I've got to do that gracefully, but also keep myself at a good pace.

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