I love curves. Being super skinny just isn't attractive to me.

Kim Kardashian
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Don't be hating on Kim k, she is an hourglass, many women die to be this okay, so don't cos I am guessing ur some skinny girl who Is against curvy chics, well too bad for you,cos I know a lot of girls like u. If u got it flaunt it ,STOP HATIN GIRLFRIEND!


bitch shut up! you love curves,cause you have to put up with 'em and love 'em! it's amazing how every chubby,short girl bragging about how they love their curves,and then they photoshop their photos to appear skinnier,toned and taller!ya'll hate girls that look like victoria's secret models.they are skinny but with curves! ahhahaha...ya'll can't have it,that's why ya'll saying,oh i love my curves...bitch go lose some weight,you look terrible.