I don't regret how everything came to be because we have a stronger appreciation for each other having gone through everything.

Molly Malaney [on Jason Mesnick]
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Molly is amazing and doesn't deserve half the crap she is getting from everybody. Maybe Jason screwed up by breaking up with Melissa on national TV, but he did the right thing. People break up. And Molly and Jason are great together!


Molly I hope you are happy, you are the most inconsiderate piece of trash that has came along since Jason. I hope and pray that you both get what you deserve. I hope is gets to the point that you cant come out of the house without people causing you grief. Melissa has to always be the one that got dumped!! And I hope that you fail because after watching the whole show I never thought you where the one, and with that comment about your parents had to love him or it just wouldn't work for you. Seriously how could they have any respect for him after what he did? You guys are truly disguisting!!