I don't really see the point in washing your hair. If you don't care if your hair's clean or not then why would you wash it?

Robert Pattinson

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JaJaJa i knew he is FILTHY :P

Nina rozochka

I where you heard about it. It has stupidly simply joked, and journalists Have inflated an amusing story! Horror simply!

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Red-Haired Hunk
Robert Pattinson wasn't a household name... until he starred in Twilight. Now, the British actor is well on his way to the A-list.... More »
London, England
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Robert Pattinson

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I hate any reference to my name. I wish people would just completely invent a new one.

Robert Pattinson

Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as Claudia!

Robert Pattinson