If you whore yourself out that much and have six kids, you should have a little repercussions.

Do you even have underwear on? You are so gross! Vagina out, ass out, t*ts out.

Khloe [to Kris]

I was not surrounded by crazy people with a psychopath's fingers in my vagina. There was no way this was happening. It had to be a nightmare and I'd wake up in a moment.

I pulled my panties to the side, exposing my pink flesh to the audience, and slid the dildo inside of me. It was cool, smooth and a completely different sensation from a cyberskin vibrator or a real cock.

I was more than ready for a shower. I didn't do a bukkake scene, but it felt like it. My body was swimming with Jimmy semen.

I felt some pain, but I was a sex warrior and I moaned louder to get Jimmy more aroused. I knew I shouldn't have been tricking myself into not feeling pain, what with my period and incisions.

I held out my hand, no longer Fallon the actress. I was Fallon the celebrity sex tape star. The one to beat all the other wannabe celebrities before and after me.

I'd certainly woken up and realized Jimmy Heinz wasn't who I wanted him to be. He was a 36-year-old porn star. Who had tried to do things outside of porn but would only ever be known for the use of his dick.

It wasn't as titillating as I thought it would be with someone as attractive as Kim. If I ever did a sex tape, I'd want better quality footage for sure.

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