I love to read everything, from current events to celebrities and enjoy singing. I have adapted to the outdoor heat (live in Florida) by swimming & sun-tanning. I take great pleasure in providing & loving all 10 animals of mine. 7 cats, who were all strays that came my way, 2 very old dogs; 16 & 14 years old (both strays) & a bird. I also love photography.

I am compassionate, honest and want to be treated the way everyone wants to be treated; with respect.

I live for One and that is my Lord God, Jesus. He is my everything; my entire world. And because of my faith, God has continued to insure the most perfect outcome to every occurrence (tribulation), that I come across. His love and His blessings towards me are perpetual.

My motto is try God, the devil will always take you back, lol. For I can honestly say, since I have handed my life over to God, I have never been happier or more fulfilled, in my entire life. I am truly happy happy now and content in my life - What an awesome God, Our Lord truly is :)

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Reading about Demi just made me realize that people who are mega-rich still have their own problems. It might not be money & how they are going to pay their bills but it's obvious that Demi has extremely self esteem issues that branch out to her body imagine to her self worth. I guess it is true: money sure doesn't buy happiness cause Demi sure didn't sound like a happy person in a peaceful, fulfilling life to me.

Katy Perry: Married to a Crazy Man!?

14 months.. Really? For some strange reason I really thought they would have lasted a lot longer than 14 months. No, they really didn't try at all. What a joke, especially the part about her religious beliefs... That should have made her, err, both of them try even harder. Any marriage created in Hollywood just does not last. It's as if these celebrities are on a whole different mind set as us regular folks. Going on 27 years here & it does take a lot of work but it's well worth my time & effort because I respect those vows that I took.

What Your Cat Thinks About You

That was really cute :))