Sydney strange

Sydney Strange

I hate twilight and all the pathetic little teenage girls who are getting wet over sparkly fairy vampires.

I like Lady Gaga and am hoping to get a good shot of her penis when i see her in concert. Thats where the money's at.

I think Miley Cyrus is hot as shit. Id be keen to have a scissor with her, im sure she wouldnt mind for the publicity.

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Sydney strange

What kind of idiot compares skinning live animals to abortions? Atleast after a woman has an abortion she doesnt ask for it to be skinned to wear around as a fuckin necklace. All the karCASHians are dipsy tools making money out of boobjobs and make up.

Sydney strange

Uhhh most of the time Cosmo mag is just copies of other peoples interviews (Y)

Sydney strange
Justin Bieber Is Not Smart

Its so funny how the majority of people jumping to his defense are females.
I am a New Zealander and a girl and I think Justin Bieber is a fucking retard. All looks with no brain.
Oh yeah, and Bieber, sorry about your hat getting stolen, thats just how they roll in south auckland. Welcome to NZ bitch.