So, I'm Sammie, obviously.

I comment on here so often that I decided it was time to make an account, even though I find everything on these sites really stupid. But, I like to comment on it.

I, personally, find the Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez bashing extremely immature. If I think your comments are unfair, I'll say so. I'm not afaird to speak my mind nor make enemies because they don't agree with my opinions. It's life.

I fully support - Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Jamie Lynn.

I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston. With the whole Jen/Brad/Angie thing, I think Angelina was in the wrong. It was disgusting what she did. Especially talking to the press about it, agh!

I think Selena Gomez and David Hernie should definitely date. Same with Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas. And I'll be quite blunt about it, Joe Jonas is the only Jonas Brother I like. And will probably be the only one I ever defend.

Zanessa is adorable. Jashley is just as cute. I would also like to think that Cornessa would eventually happen, but Zanessa is clearly love.

I think that Demi Lovato & Mitchel Musso should date. They'd be cute and you know it. Shane & Mitchie are adorable together, but I'm not a fan of Joe/Demi.

I'm so obessed with Another Cinderella Story (Mary/Joey = love) and Camp Rock (SMITCHIE FOREVER), like it's not even funny. I watched those movies like five times each in one day.

Well, yeah. I'm fourteen and a huge grammar nazi. Poor grammar pisses me off.

But anywho, I must go.


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They're both gorgeous, but Ash wears it better.


Wow. Most of you commenters are pathetic. I'm betting 99.9 % of you commented badly on the picture Miley took, now Joe takes a picture and it's all sunshine and butterflies? Um, no. I hate to break it to you but that's NOT how it works. You can't say bad things about Miley and completely turn your opinion when it's someone you like. I'll defend Joe for this picture, as I defended Miley. I don't see anything wrong with it. They're kids, we make mistakes. But I also believe he should be sued, just like Miley was. As pathetic as that was.


Crap, I posted that and I wasn't finished. But yeah. You shouldn't talk about things you know absolutely nothing about. Vanessa didn't even know Zac when she took those pictures, so how is she a cheater? She met Zac when she was eighteen .. I think? And she took those pictures when she was sixteen. Get your facts straight, darlin.