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Nikki - "I don't feel sorry for a single one of the jurors in this case...whining that it ruined your life? Are you kidding me? You shoudn't be able to sleep at night."

You obviously don't know the way courts of law work.

The fault in this is that of the prosecuting attorney and staff, not the jurors.

The prosecutor didn't present ample evidence. The jurors have to decide based on that evidence, or lack of it.

Understand yet!?!


Weren't the tabloids all saying these two were separated and getting divorced?



Whatever will Kate do when she has no earnings from her children's working to sponge off to pay for her expensive hairdos, fake nails, boob jobs and personal trainer?

In what world does one get paid for taking care of their own children? Why, ours of course. sigh

Those poor kids.