Patricia rathbun

Patricia Rathbun

Well I guess I can start by saying that I am a few years older than my picture but that's my favorite. I have 4 children 3 of them are adults and my baby is 15. My God son, 3 Grandsons 2 kitty's and a doggie,As you can see I am a kid at heart!!!!!!!
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Patricia rathbun
THG Caption Contest: Chris Brown and Adele?!

Well what a bloody mess you've got yourself in Mr.Brown, are you fancing yourself friends with the bobby's.

Patricia rathbun

At least with Taylor Launtner he didn't disrepect her. I hope someday she finds a good man that treats her right like Taylor did he was perfect for her.

Patricia rathbun
Lamar Odom Likely Traded to Dallas Mavericks

This is the only one I have respect for and she will stand by her man.

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