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Which celebrity marriage was the worst ever?

That IS, today's life and times of Hollywood for you, get married, then get divorced right away, so you can marry someone else, and create your own novel of LOVE and HATE, and CORRUPTION within Hollywood. And A-LOT of normal people these days, live their lives to the way that a LOT of actors and actresses of Hollywood do. Give me, the SINGLE LIFE any day, much rather that, then all the Hollywood marriage and romance corruption of today.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover: Leaked Online!

My gawd, from JAIL BIRD, to PLAYBOY front cover girl. Like WHAT NEXT, will this SICK broad stoop to, for the all mighty ATTENTION. Oh well, guess good ole Hollywood is loaded with A-LOT of these kind of attention seeking SICKO'S. Also, glad to NOT, hear anymore about that SICKO broad, who was after Justin Bieber for child support for her baby. It never ceases to amaze me, how many of those kind of SICKO broads are out, who ARE looking for FREEBEES. Kind of amazing how FAST these kind of broads FADE in the end, all because it is BULLSHIT, that THEY had made up in their corrupted mind in the first place.

Laura Bellizzi: Mel Gibson Got Me Pregnant!!

With some of the BULLSHIT, coming OUT of Hollywood, DO ya really know the REAL TRUTH, of WHO, is SCREWING WHO????? BUT, isn't that what Hollywood is made up ALL about, of NOT, knowing the REAL TRUTH, just a bunch of BULLSHIT, for people to talk about.

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