Hey there! CELEBRITY GOSSIP! Not really a fan, just some people got me into it and ya know it's cool. My hobbies are keeping it real and message me down below if you'd like! :)
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Really? I don't believe they were actually drinking. Do you have any proof?
No, I'm sure you really don't but they're celebrities so everyone is allowed to judge them and make assumptions. Exactly. You have your free speech so say WHATEVER you want because this is a FREE COUNTRY.
Haha! That one always gets me. 'FREE COUNTRY.' 'FREE SPEECH.' I may be 11 years old, but politics... Not impossible to figure out about.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters: Engaged!

I never even knew they met. Obviously, they won't stay together, but let's congratulate from for the first few years they'll go through.
Although, from Gossip Girl I hear the ring was pink and gold... Of course I love unique things, but, eh... Whatever.
Congratulations, you two!!!!


I'd also like to include something: FUCK YOU CELEBRITIES!