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My long lost sister hates me. Don't care. BECAUSE I HAVE A LONG LOST BROTHA TO FIND! BYE BITCH! I need someone to talk to and someone I can poo in their pee pee hole. If you'd like to volunteer, I'd be happy to poo poo in your pee pee hole. If you aren't fully aware of the warnings, tips, and fun of pooping in the pee pee hole, go to http://www.poosexpee.com/ and learn more. Many leaders/admins would be happy to tell you aboht it. Or, email me lilyhale1@aol.com!
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Seriously? He acts like a douchebag, and so he gets on the front cover of Rolling Stone? What he wants is attention. He should 't be getting it because then he'll learn that you don't get publicity from acting like a piece of shit. His parents should be sending him cups of tears, but they're helping him with this crappy publicity stunt.

Hope he gets help soon.


It makes sense. Everyone is focusing on Miley Cyrus. And, not just Miley Cyrus. Justin Bieber. We're all saying, "Miley Cyrus is such a skank!" and "Justin Bieber is a ghetto douchebag!" which might be what Obama wants us to be focusing on. Damn. That guy is clever.


Chapter 1: The Disaster

One day, Emily Golden decided to follow the wrong path. Adi Tomkins didn't even stop her. In fact, she made her keep going.
Emily tried to stop, but they never let her. Once you were in, you couldn't get out. It was like you were a bug that went into a room.
Τhen, today, April 14th, two days before her birthday, she got a letter. She usually didn't get stuff in the mail unless it was things she ordered online, it was from Adi Tomkins, Laura Cunningham, Ian Summers, and/or William Silvers, or a relative that lived a little while away.
This one, she knew didn't come from either. It was in a black envelope that had on it in red marker and cursive, "Emily Golden." She hid it in her jacket because her mom might want to see it and it didn't look like something that she could let her mother see. So, once she got to her room, she opened it and read it carefully:
Dear Emily Golden,

Bad luck for you, Miss Emily. The jig is up! And we all know it.
Except you.
April 14th is the worst day for everyone with the name beginning with E and ending with I-L-Y. The thing is, and even though you don't think or believe so, you are the only person on this planet (not sure about the others) who is named Emily. 4,321 years ago, there was someone who planned this for you, and you only.
Good luck, Miss Emily. Because this day, for you, is the worst! I hope you have a lovely

The letter ended there. Nothing was after lovely. Emily looked on the other side to make sure. But all she saw was a picture of a broken heart that was colored in black marker.
She didn't know what this meant, but she did know it was true.

Chapter 2: Figuring Out

Even if Emily didn't know who it was from, that didn't mean people she knew didn't know where it was from. Adi, Ian, William, and Laura could be capable of this. All four of them were brilliant liars.
But that wasn't who she suspected at first. In fact, she didn't even put them on the board that was being used to try and find ou who sent the letter.
[This is so complicated!] thought Emily. [Whoever sent this letter has absolutely no life. Gosh. I wish I just knew. Maybe I should forget about it. No! I'm not giving up!]
After a few second - and third, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth, and seventh. . . - thoughts, Emily Golden decided to work on it tomorrow. She wasn't procrastinating, it was just that she needed to start accusing people, and she hasn't. Maybe if someone slipped up, she'd have an answer.
But, before she could call anyone that she knew the phone number of, her parents told her that in the newspaper was. . . Her teacher died. And who knew why? No one did exactly.

I'll post chapter 3 tomorrow on the newest post on home page! :) See it there! If you have no time, sorry! But starting on chapter 4, I will post 3 times, so you will see then. :)