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Drew Barrymore: Women Cannot Have It All

I discovered this very same thing. I'm not saying you can't work, but your career takes a back seat to that child and if it doesn't, you should not become a mother. I think Drew is very level headed and I applaud her for choosing her child over herself.

Brenda bauder
Miley Cyrus to Prestige: I'm Not a Bad Girl!

I think all these people that want to knock what she wears need to SHUT UP! She is a beautiful young woman and she is showing off that beauty. Leave her alone. She does it tastefully, it is all covered, and she looks nice. She is young, let her BE young and enjoy herself and stop with the what is and what is not appropriate crap. I'm 50 and I still wear mini skirts. Not age appropriate? Tough.

Brenda bauder
Miley Cyrus for Prestige

Geeze, give her a BREAK! Her clothing is tasteful even if it is revealing. She has the body to show it off, STOP KNOCKING HER.

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