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Wow. What a classy way to get the shaft.
And I for one second do not believe he had no knowledge of Tigers infidelities. Those two were inseperable.


Ben Afleck & Jennifer Garner have what appears to be a happy little family & marriage....& dont throw themselves in front of the cameras.
JLo loves the camera, loves the attention, enjoys having folks following her & begging to stand next to her.
Marc is a troll. He was obviously jealous of her fame & sexuality. He tried to ride her coattails & due to his lack of true talent, it went nowhere.

THG Caption Contest: Brown and Bieber!

JB: Sup Bra
CB: Homie Cracker, sup
CB: Whatcha want, little man?
JB: I wanna do sumfin wid yew CB: Back down shortie, homie dont play that way!