There's a good chance Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo both leave Grey's Anatomy after season 8. Would you keep watching?

Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy

For the moment I love more the other characthers than Merek, buuut I can't watch the show WITHOUT them, they're the pillars. Also Owen as a chief? WTF??? I'm already loosing interest. Too much change is killing the show. Less is more, people, less is mooore!


Grey's with out Meridith and Derek????!!!!! Hell's to the no it can't be true, they are the show. But I can see it still being entertaining, if they made Christina and Owen or Lexi and Jackson the new leads the show would be almost perfect. As long as Meridith, Derek, and Zala leave together and happy as a family all will be good in my book. Made me cry when he left her and the baby, but I understand it.

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