Perez Hilton has clearly been hitting the gym. But would you hit this celebrity blogger?

Perez Hilton Body

many of times that I was going to change and flaied, but I am not going to quit. I am going to pick myself up and keep on going. I wish you luck on your goals. Number 1 and 3 would be pretty hard for me. I love TMZ and Perez. I check them everyday multiple times a day. And sleeping at 11PM, whoa, what's that? The last time I used to do that is when I was in High School. My three goals for this week:1. Eating fruit and veggies as my meal once a day.2. Cutting out all soda and juices. Or drink one can of soda/juice per day.3. Work out everyday for at least 45 Mins. OOOH, I hope I can do it. ***crossing fingers***Fresh by Jen //


had some serious plastic surgery but hell if I could afford I would too!!!

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