Demi Lovato is strongly rumored to be the next X Factor judge. Will you tune in to watch the singer on the season two panel?

Demi Lovato in Fabulous
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Is Demi Lovato's criticism of Lady Gaga fair?

Is Demi Lovato's criticism of Lady Gaga fair? Does she glorify eating disorders?

What did you think of The X Factor "Annoying Juice" skit?

The X Factor mocked Demi Lovato on the Season 3 finale for drinking Annoying Juice. React here to that skit.

Which hair color do you like most on Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato as a blonde? Or Demi Lovato as a... blue? Which look do you like best on the singer?

Which hair color do you prefer on Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato has gone blonde. Compare her new hair color now with her old one.

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I cant believe what im reading.... I love juicy gossip!


Don't talk about those that you don't know.
You know Demi's name, not her story. Don't judge her for her drug and alcohol use. EVERYONE even regular, normal people do drugs and she actually came out and got help for her problems and she's better then ever now.


Jesus, I didn't see one episode last year,but have been warnedthe cocaine bimbo will be a judge now, thanks BS


Love Britney spears ,,it's about time to make a good judge this time around I like la Reid and Simon of course and Britney to the mix is awesome she Is really great love her!!!!!!


I didn't miss one X-Factor last year. I absolutely refuse to watch it anymore is BRATney Spears is a judge. Ellen Degeneres would be a better choice. Maybe it's time to just take this not so good show off the air!