Charlie Sheen will return to TV with a sitcom based on the film Anger Management. Will you tune in?

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Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi: Will it last?

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi: Will it last?

Are you on Team Ashton or Team Charlie?

Ashton Kutcher or Charlie Sheen? Choose a side now!

Team Charlie or Team Phil?

Team Charlie Sheen or Team Phil Robertson?

Charlie Sheen: Should he get custody of his kids?

Charlie Sheen: Should he get custody of his kids?

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Charlie is out there, but he's had a mega successful career since his teens. He WAS "Two and a Half Men," where he essentially was Charlie Harper. This new role will be another extension of him. It should be good.


GeronimoG thing is u r a hater....u have no right to judge anyone in this world. good thing about charlie sheen is that he doesn't fake himself....he is who he is, that's why he makes good television my man...he is a pure natural....he lives his life and doesn,t care what you or anybody thinks......i like the guy and would watch anything he makes on television.....go charlie am a big fan and would be glad to meet you one day......the rockstar


why not? Cant be worse than 90% of the other network tv shows.


He HAD a good thing, SO why did he SCREW it up. Everything that happened to Sheen, he brought on by HIMSELF. I would think that the people at FX should realize that Sheen is NOT dependable. What he is one day, can be totally DIFFERENT by night time that same day.


Just what real blokes need, I will be getting mine to watch it, we will not be watching the now slapstick teen two and half men for that show to last they will have to become vampires.....