Has the Robsten drama turned you off from the franchise? Will you go see Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
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Give Breaking Dawn Part 2 a grade.

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What did you think of Breaking Dawn?

Where does Breaking Dawn rank among all Twilight films?

What do you think of Bella Swan's fashion taste?

Does Bella have good taste in fashion? Alice Cullen rocks a bridesmaid's dress in this phot from Breaking Dawn.

Should the Twilight Saga continue beyond Breaking Dawn?

There may be more Twilight Saga chapters beyond Breaking Dawn. Should there be?

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why would kstew cheat with this 40yr old man? I DON'T GET IT.


I Totally agree with jenny and samuelle40.Rob :stop pretending you can live without Kristine. Please do not be stubborn!


How can you expect him to forgive her, she basically allowed another man to enter her when she was in another relationship! Really dissect that visual and see if you would condone your GF and forgive her too!! Ppl take sex and relationships to lightly. If he has a hard time dealing with the whole thing, then his feelings were quite real! Only time will tell what the future holds for this cpl, and the promotion behind the second part of Breaking dawn!


Come on Rob you have to make the first move you are both dying upwards both smoking again and as miserable as sin get off your high horse give her a second chance if you don't your are not the man we thought you were.
Even Edward in Eclipse found he didn't always get it right and admitted to that surely you can do the same,don't let Kristen take anymore flack over this you must be hurting at all the hate messages she's getting.You love her we all know that please arrange to meet her and talk face to face ,you are punishing her you might not be smacking her bum (Christen grey) but the silent treatment is worse and childish you aren't 17 .This will be the first promo without her backing you up I hope you will be able to handle it in new York.ARRANGE THAT MEETING please


i'll go to see this movie
but he sholdn't give her a chance when she said he is the most person that she respect SERIOUSLY the thing she has done it its mean she not respect him at all but she can do what she want in her life to be happy so ...
the truth its inside the photo right? she should know that she's the star the news always came out so fast


Of course everyone will go to see Breaking Dawn 2 are you crazy. Yes this has put a damper on the promotion of the movie. I hope that they come to some agreement soon. Rob needs to come out of hiding and face Kristen if he wants to know the truth. The gossip mags will get it all wrong. If Rob is the kind of person we all think he is, he will give Kristen a chance to explain.