Has the Robsten drama turned you off from the franchise? Will you go see Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
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Where does Breaking Dawn rank among all Twilight films?

What do you think of Bella Swan's fashion taste?

Does Bella have good taste in fashion? Alice Cullen rocks a bridesmaid's dress in this phot from Breaking Dawn.

Should the Twilight Saga continue beyond Breaking Dawn?

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Of course I will see the movie. I'm really looking forward to it. Edward and Bella are awesome but they are fictional characters, unlike Rob and Kristen who are actual people. Their story may not end so neatly because an author can't write them a happy ending. But it does not affect the final movie or the characters they portray, at least for me.


i will see it if ashley greene is not the replacement and kristen still plays bella


I will not go see this movie for the same reason I did not go see the first half. I do not think we should have had to wait a long time for the second movie, and it's just greed driving this into two movies. Good grief, I remember the time, when there were movies with intermissions, not half a book now and half the book later.
I will buy the DVD and watch it after I watch the first one.
I want everyone to back off Kristen Stewart, especially since she already has to live through this, and feel the pain of her mess up. Who are any of us to pass judgement against her? We are not perfect, and even those of us who didn't cheat have, or will, at some point in our life mess up big time. The differnce being our faces won't be all over the news. This YOUNG woman does not need a shirt, or a Scarlet letter. Leave her alone, or someone speak up as a friend. I am disgusted that I have not heard of one person being with her as a friend, other than her parents.


people should understand that people make terrible mistakes, if a movie is good, it is good regardles of the actor/actress,also that people portrays a character does not reflect the real life, although some movies can be true life story. some times tragic things occur, then the individuals will need some time to sort things out to make sure it is realy what they want. ifferenciating the difference between facts and fiction avoiding getting hurt at the long run.kristen will recover but it will take time because she realy love her boyfriend, she just made a bad mistake.


i do think they need to talk i love them together iam still going to see the movie i just wish people would leave them alone i know they still love each other i know it hard but is it way youll could find your way back talk it out before you call it quick i love youll youll may god be with you both life to short


I guess agree with Samuelle40 cos u guys need to sort things out without the publicity issues please sort things out with kristen please!!!!!!!!!!


I also agree with bellabekristen that will be together always... I hope he forgive's her and be happy... Because they were meant for each other in real life... Rob is a kind person and he better forgive her... I think they forgive each other real soon...


Oh, gosh! They gonna be together. They should be! Whatever happens men. And die those who tell they shouldn't. Ugh! Maybe it was just a matter of doubt. Whatever. Let them explain the matter. ♥ I love them both. THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER! Their feelings were real, men. You wouldn't understand.


I agree with jeannie and i think he should give Kristen a chance to explain about what happen... And they should get back together real soon....


Are you serious? I love Breaking Dawn but I can't watch it, not now. Probably not ever, Kristen ruined it..