Alexis and Gretchen are off The Real Housewives of Orange County. Will you miss them?

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Will you miss Lydia McLaughlin on the RHOC?

Will you miss Lydia McLaughlin on the Real Housewives of Orange County?

Team Alexis or Team Gretchen?

Team Alexis or Team Gretchen?

Team Tamra or Team Gretchen?

Team Tamra or Team Gretchen?

Team Tamra or Team Alexis?

Alexis Bellino might sude Tamra Barney for defamation because the latter has referred to the former as a "faux Christian."...

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Those Ladies were bullies to Tamara and she was nothing more to them than a lady. A gorgeous one to say the least she was not as phony as the rest. Truthfully I work at an elementary school in Ct. Had I had those ladies been children there would have been consequences for them. Seriously pay the money take the time to go on vacation with them she was bombarded by them. I would have said good-bye excused myself and flew back to my family. She did not deserve that


I liked Gretchen, she fought back. Those old coots are sooo jealous of her looks & body, neither could complete, plus Slade is a drag so off she went. I WANT VICKI, JEALOUS VINDICTIVE HYPOCRITICAL PRONOUN LOUD OBNOXIOUS SCREAMING SELF CENTERED INSTIGATOR BITCHY thing off the show.


Heather,Tamra,and Gretchen don't want to be called bullies? Do they prefer a pack of wolves? Just watching season 8 . What do these "ladies" call it when you pick on one person?


Yay no more Slade