Snooki and Jionni LaValle: Will it last?

Snooki and Jionni LaValle

no one knows how nicole is when the cameras are not rolling.i believe that she and her man will make it along with their baby.what people dont know is alot of the footage is edited for the people who want to say the hateful stuff get on tv and know what you did and see how much of it actually gets put on tv and you will get the surprize of a lifetime.


@nicole (the one below not snooky) Stfu you pitiful little swamp mouth tramp. Regardless as to how Snooky carries herself, your comments have nothing to do with that. You're just a lousy, bitter little runt who's resentful of the fact that she can stay true to who she is and still be well liked. Unlike you right? I don't get Snooky at times, but for you to run your mouth like that about how shows how pathetic you are as a person.


I think they will last forever it's absolutly true love forever she's going to make a great mom good luck Nicole ur going to make a good mom I'm ur number 1 fan


i hate snookie she is a loser, she is fat dumb and ugly at least she got blessed with money :) that baby is going to be just as screwed up as her! i know you'll all say im a hater but i truly am not i will be the first to say good things about a classy chick not a trashy trick. shes gonna be the worst mom i doubt she even knows what a bottle looks like hahaha and shes a nasty bitch, n yes shes just a drunk loser even in person... i was on a flight from az to ny with her and she had trouble getting on the plane cause her and her ugly pig nose friend ryder were drunk haha what a bunch of idiots! have a great night snookie, take care of that beautiful ring cause when your not "famous" in a few months n ur guy realizes who u r hes gonna leave ur a$? and ull be broke haha

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