Will Desiree and Chris last?

Chris Siegfried Photo

Their tweets are being misinterpreted towards negativity. There was agreat deal of lessons taught from one of Chris's
followers on how to improve relationships for the best. It was very
enlightening for couples who are in a relationship.


I totally agree with lyn. Give them space to get to know each other
better. In every relationship there are disagreements-so I wish the
media would stop taking pictures of them showing a look of
unhappiness. Try taking a picture with them smiling.


The public eye has to give them a chance to further their relationship without criticism and analyzing every detail of their lives. Let the two of them be in order to develop a relationship built on getting to know each other further, sharing happy times and working through differences. Everyone needs to reflect how they would like to be treated post engagement and keep from putting them under the microscope of every little thing.

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