Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?

Courtney Robertson Awkwardness

Give her a brake...She's only human..with feelings too!
Remember that!


HAHAHAHAHA, What we KNEW all along was that once he got a load of her shit and bad behavior as well as realize what nice gals he threw away over her that WERE telling him the truth about Courtney, he dumped her ass. Like that would be a surprise? All long she should have known that he was going to see her rude comments and disdain of the other girls once she snagged him. What is even worse is that she either wormed her way back in to get re-engaged or he is just too desperate to not dump her for good. Why put off the inevitable? Ben should have stayed away, changed his number or left the country!


Hey Courtney, I think you need to stop apolizing for the way you treated the girls, and concetrate o how Ben treats all of you. Courtney you may be the one needing help.


Hey Ben, Please do us a favor and don't bring the skank here to Sonoma County --we don't want her kind here. This is a nice place to live, something Courtney knows nothing about. Ooh--winning --kill shot-- good luck Ben you are going to need it. That tiger won't change her stripes

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