Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?

Courtney Robertson Awkwardness
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Courney and Ben are meant to be...both so weird!!!


hey ben n courtney
whatever ppl say that is their opinion. i think in my my heart n soul you guys will try your hardest to work on your romanance.i personally wanted both of you guys to fall in love and have a good life like ryan n tricta
love lorrie of st paul minnesota


They may last - not because they love each other, but because he will be determined to not admit he made a mistake, and her career depends on saving her image. She can't hide forever that she is ugly on the inside. Ben will get fed up with her soon, but stay with her because now it's them vs. America.


Why are so many people wishing Ben would have picked one of the homely looking girls that do not possess any of the funny, cute, honest, and quirky qualities that Courtney has? The big question is if Courtney decides to permanently abandon her acting/modeling career in L.A. move up north to Sanoma county to become a wife and mother. Whatever the case I hope she makes the right decision for herself.


I personally think that Ben was a fool to pick Courtney over all of the other sweet girls that really loved and cared about him. He is really a sweet and sincere guy who deserved someone as nice as him but he is very nieve and gotten taken in by her beauty and did not see the real her. She probably just wanted to be on tv to enhance her career. But she acted like a real bitch to the other girls and she knows it and just made excuses on why it was ok. He will probably just hurt again but he did sign up for the show of his own free will and all the crap and drama that comes along with it.


I couldn't stand courtney when watching the show, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and she seemed to be sorry for the way she acted(obviously she wasn't the only one, but she was no angel, that's for sure). Ben deserves a second chance too, he OBVIOUSLY was inappropriate with more than one woman, but where was their relationship at the time? in the toilet? it sounded like it. Relationships can work after infidelity or lying/manipulating as long as the behaviors change an the ppl repent from those actions. I actually hope they work, and hope I see her around Sonoma sometime...can't believe I'm saying this cuz I really couldn't stand her watching the show...everyone deserves a chance to prove they have changed.


I like Courtney and Ben. Courtney is so naturally beautiful. She handled extreme stress very well in Women Tell All episode. I'm wishing them the very best, and would like to see them stay together.


This is the first Bachelor where a woman is so, so, so much prettier than all of the others. AND you have this woman be smart, articulate, witty, quirky, deep, successful, well-travelled, more famous than the others, brutally honest, and kind (yes, that's what I wrote: watch the show carefully), is it any wonder that all of the girls hated her?? Well, al of the girls except for the only one any near as pretty : the blonde casey. Courtney is a scapegoat, and I think the girls (did you see their behavior on 'Women Tell All'!!??) should be ashamed of themselves. Finally, Kelly or whatever her biggest hater's name is who was on the show. Do a bit of self-reflection and note (a) how obviously fake your apology was to Courtney exactly at the time when you realized you had to do it to stay, and (b) you are a jealous, vindictive [b****]. Plus your raps do suck. Stay in school.


There are haters on internet blogs everywhere. Decent intelligent people don't usually waste their time on those site. I really liked Courtney and wish she and Ben the very best. Ignore the haters. You are both beautiful...Courtney was mistreated in a very cruel fashion. Very sad and the women made fools out of themselves with their malicious, cutting remarks.


I was just so shocked that Ben RE proposed basically to her after he had seen her nasty, vindictive, mean spirit on the show. She is a con artist extraordinaire and he will soon see she just wanted to "WIN".......I think Ben is a good guy and deserves a whole lot better. I don't think Courtney OR Lindz were right for him. the show is so scripted. But then, how do you make out and skinny dip with all those cameras in your face? Courtney didn't seem to mind baring it all in front of the cameras. What does that tell you?? Th th th thats all folks.