Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?

Courtney Robertson Awkwardness
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Ben made a huge mistake with that scanc. He will regret his decision soon enough and like Sasha said he better make sure she signs a pre nuptial agreement or he will find himself in the streets. How come such a samrt guy can make such a stupid decision. I don't even think she's pretty. Lizi is 1,000% more gorgeous than her.


I think ABC is paying big bucks for them to play this soap opera.
For Ben he got to promote his winery, for Courtney her career. Money is behind their staying together. The longer they stay together the better for ABC's The Bachelor image. They will not make it, just a matter of time. This show is sooo scripted.


Ben is a real sweetheart! Sincere and honest to the core! He needs to consider more carefully what kind of woman makes a good mother to his children. It is not all about the most beautiful or sexiest woman in the bunch. She needs to be self-confident, independent and smart, giving, thoughtful, unselfish and a good cook. One who is willing to develop new talents and gifts.
Courtney is not good for him. She smacks of a narcissistic personality disorder. She is self-absorbed with excessive love of only herself. I do not deny that she is a beautiful woman, but beauty is only skin deep. Pretty is as pretty does. She has been over-indulged her whole life. She is not to old to change, if she can see her faults. My best to both of you.


Hope that Ben has the brains to do a pre nuptial agreement or he will loose his shirt as California law has him dividing the assets in half!!Courtney will make it to the wedding if he is stupid enough to continue then walk out with his money.


I think that Courtney has a lot of depth.........seems to handle stress quite well, as a matter of fact. Wishing both of them the best of luck. Jeanetta


Maureen, You hit it on the head! Courtney has no substance or depth as a person. But in contrast, Ben is not fireball either. She will soon tire of the boring lifesyle away from her getting her "freak on" and CONSTANT attention in the limelight of modeling (not that we have seen her anywhere, modeling, that is). Ben is a "career move" for Courtney, period. Good luck, not!


Damage control, that's all it is, nothing more.


I am very disappointed in Ben's choice. Courtney has no depth as a person. I believed that Ben was a bright guy with integrity as a person. Linzi was a beautiful person inside and had integrity. I don't think that they will last because Courntey lacks social skills. She doesn't know how to get along with her peers without competing. They will smother each other.


I think that anyone who BELIEVES that Courtney's intentions for coming on the show for anything else than making her face public and enhance her career has blinders on. She is somewhat pretty but Kacie B was truly beautiful inside and out. Sincere? Yes, sincere to better herself. Ben is the most boring, wishy washy bachelor since Brad Womack. Does anyone think Courtney is going to "settle" down and be a wife and risk her body image to have children. Possibly when she is in her 30's and has not made a public career for herself. I do feel for Ben that he may be vulnerable and his personality is due to the very painful loss of his father. That I do feel for him for. Courtney had to FORCE tears every time she was confronted or even their so called break up. She got what she wanted, THE WIN.....


they do deserve each other as they are both pathetic losers..