What was the driving factor for Kim Kardashian in her marriage? Weigh in now!

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Kim Kardashian does not love Kris period because if she did, theres no way in hell she would have went and filed for divorce so soon just because she can not get her way with the living arrangements & everything else. Kim will never be able to keep a man if she continues to be a spoiled brat and thinks about her wants & needs while excluding everyone else


I think what Kim did to Kris was very wrong. He put himself out there for her and she used him for more rating for their tv reality show. A person find true love only once in a life time and when you put your heart out there for some one, you think its for keep. So I say to Kris keep your head up and you will find true love.


I think Kris Humphries 'dogged one big bullet' with this divorce. All of the Kardashian's appear to be nothing but money hungry fakes. Even Bruce Jenner who was once presumed to be quite an American icon; is nothing more than a pawn in all of this Kardashian nonsense.He, Scott and Lamar have drank too much of the Kardashian 'cool aid'. So,Kris Humphries made a lucky escape. All the best to this fine young man Kris Humphries.
Yes, she and Ryan must be making lots of $$$$ which is why all things Kardashian and E-News will no longer be viewed in this household. Good bye!!!! Just tooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kardashians are just a publicity machine out to make as much money as they can.


I think the era of Reality tv shows is starting it's spiral spin down...I know for me I am getting bored with them now. Let the KKK Klan burn their own bridge. I just hope this does not hurt the young women who still believes in FAIRYTALE WEDDINGS. She owes a appology at least. It is no wonder the KKK KLAN choose K- Mart to sell there products. More Stores means MORE MONEY!! And it also starts with a K........KOME ON!!!! lol


Kim Kardashian is a strong women, and wise too. I look up to her in many ways. It's her business, and if and when she wants to talk about it she will. Don't intrude on her personal life. Leave her alone.


Seriously folks does anyone remember How she became famous? It wasn't like rocket science or anything. If the public wants to spend money so be it she's got more smarts and now more money because of it.


She and Ryan got very rich off the publics stupidity.

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