Phillip Phillips is the American Idol champion. But why, exactly, did he earn your vote?

American Idol Finalists

He won because he had humanity, he seems like a normal dude, unlike Jay-Sanchez (that name seems cool, now that I think of it)she's a superstar. eg Lee Dewyze he had humanity he's a carpenter, he was not so confident (that's where the humanity comes in.) Crystal Bowersox was comftrable and a lounge singer, she didn't have the under-dog quality. All in all Jessica takes on a whole new level of singing perfect pitch and control.


On day one I had a very strong feeling that Phillip Phillips could win if he really wanted and also feel he deserved to win too. His artistic integrity plus all that charizma prooved him unbeatable.


I agree Kat...


I looked at Phillip and Jessica and thought to myself, who would sound the best on a CD...hands down, Phillip. Jessica would be boring after awhile...she acts, dresses and sings OLD songs for her age....Phillip has the talent , imagine what he will sound like when he has surgery and feels good and healthy...I picked him from the biginning , he stood out from the rest...wasn't pretentious, wasn't a wise guy, he was just your average American kid...


I voted for Phillip because he seemed like a genuine nice person and a great singer. In all the seasons of AI I believe him to be the most humble and deserving of all other winners. I believe he has a very bright future ahead of him in whatever path he chooses to take.

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