Drew Ryniewicz covered "Baby" on The X Factor and was told by two judges that it was better than Justin Bieber's original. Do you agree?

Hanging His Cute Head

justin biebers version of baby is far more better then drew ryniewicz.no offence drew :]


i love u like a love song justin bibere to selean gomz i know that u love her but never brace up NO BOBY IS,TN PERTSPERT at all justin bieber nevr say never baby baby ohhhhhhhhh


justin biber i love u soo mucsh i just love u like a love songlol hahahahah!


jb i luv u more than a love song i am ur biggest fan n i want 2 meet u but unfortunately i live in india i want dat u should have a tour in new delhi,india i really luv u hope dat u have red dis.......


hi i am so happy to get to know you i am glad i am talking to you i am using my sisters July's email she let me use it gosh i cant belive i am talking to you i am so shy you won gosh i have posters of you and drew i am happy you won wow wow this is so cool you and Justin Bieber are going to sing wow have a fun time

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