Criss Angel thinks Perez Hilton is a "douchebag." Whose side are you on in this feud?

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Choose a side in the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom feud.

Who's side are you on, folks? Justin Bieber or Orlando Bloom?

Would you miss Tamra on RHOC?

Would you miss Tamra on RHOC if she is in fact fired?

Were Nick Viall's After the Final Rose comments out of bounds?

Were Nick Viall's After the Final Rose comments to Andi Dorfman out of bounds?

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I find it sad and somewhat disturbing that certain people are "famous" for being little more than glorified parasitic f%&ktards. Moreover they wield power over the throngs of people who buy into the hype of the fake famous. If people put as much energy into something real and worthwhile I doubt we would have starving people, illiteracy, or a host of other problems in this erstwhile great nation. Sad...