Eli Manning threw them both, but whose Super Bowl catch was better?

Eli Manning Picture

Absolutely the best CATCH not only in the Super Bowl, but possiblly the best CATCH I ever saw and I was known as "Mike the Spike" back in the day when I played football. (I always spiked the ball in the End Zone everytime I scored. (Had nothing to do with a needle) Just had to throw that in so your young fans wouldn't get the wrong idea) Body, Mind, and Spirit, that's why the NEW YORK football Giants are the BEST in this Country and probably the WORLD! That being said, There's always next year,for Tom. Hey Gissle why don't you go make some little football player for Tom and yourself. The next generation of Manning's might be one of yours. Your husbands getting too old to play anyway so, go make babies the old fashion way. Tough loss Tom, but Eli ha the look in his eye.....
Looking for Manningham that is. Man O Man, Oh Manningham! Maybe Gissle would like a date with him after their DIVORCE--- Just saying not predicting. Peace --- Out --- Mike

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